Factory photo


Appearance of plant.
Office along the route on the second floor ...
State of the Development Office
Measurement equipment for research and development
It is the testing of the sample board.
Fixed after testing, it has confirmed the extension.
This workshop...
It is a state of the amplifier cabinet assembly waiting.
This is the chassis of the amplifier test of performance and functionality has been completed assembly wait.
Assembling the SB-15 amplifier
The final inspection and repair of the product along the assembly line.
It is the state that supplementary work.
Set of cables uncluttered by model.
It is used to make this product.
The Effect Rack!!
It is the state of the conference room.
It is possible space the Play the break time and lunch time.
... and prototype model test
Product warehouse on the first floor
Finished product who wait for the shipment.
It is the idea sketch of new logo design that is attached to the product.

Was SDamp factory.



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